Welcome Bonus – Up to 1 BTC!

Double up on your first three deposits and redeem up up to 1 Bitcoin! Just sign up now! Make your first three deposits and collect the rewards.

Welcome Bonus Promotion FAQ

How much time do I have and how many deposits?

Each player has 180 days since registration to make a deposit and activate a bonus. Up to three deposits qualify to take part in this promotion. Each deposit activates a seperate bonus, which must be cleared within 180 days fom the date the deposit was made.

How do I clear a bonus?

To clear a bonus, player must earn Cash-Game-Points. Each chip of rake equals 10 points. 40 point equals 1 chips of cleared bonus. The more you play, the more points you’ll receive. Each bonus is cleared and released in steps of 100 chips. The bonus for each deposit is cleared separately and need to be cleared individually.

How much BTC may I receive as a bonus?

Each player may redeem up to 1 Bitcoin by participating in the deposit bonus promotion. Player may split the bonus by making three small deposits within this limit or in one single bonus by making a 1 BTC first deposit. All three deposits must be made within 60 days of registration.

How do I check my bonus?

To see what you can do with your bonus, launch the Bet&Bit Poker software and navigate to the cashier page.