The Cash Game Promotion

We would like to take this opportunity to introduce ourselves to you.
Bet&Bit released a poker room designed by players for players.
On Feb 1, 2019 Bet&Bit officially opens the game operation and would like to invite you to join!
At the beginning (Feb 1.- March 31., 2019) you get the special offer to play poker at our cash game tables rake free. Get familiar with our website and challenge players from all over the world (Americans welcome)!

The blockchain technology is the future because you gain the freedom to use your money without being controlled in any step by state institutions. It offers the possibility to take payment transactions into your own hands again, thanks to bitcoin and other crypto currencies.
We at Bet&Bit have already decided to take this step today. Therefore, we offer our customers the possibility to use this payment method on our platform.

You have not had any experience with it? No Problem!
Take a look at our banking page, where you can buy and manage bitcoins safely, comfortably and quickly.

Bitcoin, the way it should be!

See you at the tables!