Tournament Raffle System

From 04/20/2020 Bet&Bit and TeamGrinders, offers an automated raffle system for all poker tournaments with live coverage on Twitch. ( In the poker client marked with the TAG []
or in the description with the #twitch )

And this is how the raffle system works:

Five minutes after the registration status changes from „late registration“ to „running“ in that particular poker tournament, the number of participants is determined. When more than 15 players register, one ticket will be added to the raffle. When 25+ players registered one more ticket is added to the raffle and from 40+ players and additional ticket is added, If there are more than 40 players then we will be raffing away 3. The value of the particular tickets corresponds to the buy-in of the tournament.

All players are eligible if you have NO affiliation to B&B (affiliate, brand ambassador, streamer) you will have better odds of winning. We are using a key which allows us to give players who do not have a special business relationship with Bet&Bit a double chance to win.

All winners will receive their prize as usual between 24 – 72h.
The starting time of the tournaments are shown in Coordinated Universal Time (UTC). 

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