In this aricle you can get all the information about the different types of jackpots and how to win them. Following jackpot types are available in the game:
  • Monte Carlo Jackpot
  • Bad Beat Jackpot
  • Smart Jackpot

Monte Carlo Jackpot is awarded to a player who has the strongest hand, in case the winning combination matches the settings.

Bad Beat Jackpot is awarded when a player with what appeared to be strong cards nevertheless lost the game. For example, if Jack Quads were beaten by a Straight Flush. The unlucky player defeated by a bad beat will receive jackpot if certain requirements are met.

Smart Jackpot (coming soon) works similarly to Bad Beat Jackpot, but can only be played during certain hours.

Please, note that in order to trigger jackpot the player must use both of his hole cards to create the highest possible hand. Also there’s an additional requirement for players with one of the following combinations: Four Of a Kind, Full House, Three Of a Kind, Two Pair, Pair. Players with combinations from the list above must have a pocket pair (when two of the player’s hole cards make a pair) to win jackpot.

Another requirement to win jackpot is to show cards. If the player who was supposed to win jackpot decided to muck or win without showing his cards, he/she will not be awarded with jackpot. Monte Carlo and Smart Jackpots are available only for Hold’em Cash Tables. Bad Beat Jackpot can be used for Hold’em, Omaha and 5-card Omaha tables. In case with Omaha and 5-card Omaha tables, the combination to win jackpot should consist of 2 player’s hole cards and 3 community cards (the same as in Hold’em). The configuration of BadBeat Jackpot works the same for all types of games where it can be used

In general, the process of winning jackpot looks like this:
After every game the jackpot table is checked on whether the qualifications to win the jackpot are met. If they are, the gameserver pauses the table and reserves a part of the jackpot prize pool, so that it would not be given to more than one table at a time in case some players won jackpots simultaneously. If there is enough money left in the jackpot after the payout, it will be unlocked.

After the table was jackpot-paused, the gameserver will credit the money tot he winner account and congratulates the player who won jackpot.