Texas Hold’em

Object of the Game The object of the game is for players to form a five-card poker hand that ranks higher than the other players’ … Read More


The rules of Omaha are very similar to the Texas hold’em rules. The only difference is that every player receives four cards face down (the … Read More

Open Face Chinese poker

Open-face Chinese poker is typically played as a two- to three-person game, though it can also be played with four people. Each player must use … Read More

Seven Card Stud Poker

This has become one of the most popular forms of poker. Each player is dealt a seven-card hand, some of the cards being face up, … Read More

Omaha Hi/Lo

The Hi/Lo game is played exactly the same way as the Omaha game with only one difference. At the showdown the player with the best … Read More

Chinese Turbo

In the fast-paced Open Face Chinese Turbo every player is initially dealt five cards each. These cards are then set in either the front, middle … Read More

Seven Card Stud High-Low

In this kind of poker the deal and betting are mostly the same as in ordinary seven card stud, except for the following differences: At … Read More

Chinese poker

The aim in classic Chinese poker is to achieve more units (also known as points) than your opponents by arranging your 13 cards into three … Read More

Chinese Pineapple

Pineapple Open Face Chinese poker, the most popular OFC variation is derived from the standard OFC featuring Fantasy Land. Just as in regular Open Face … Read More


This type of poker game is derived from 5 Card Omaha Poker. Much of the game is very similar and plays almost in an identical … Read More

Triple Draw

In this game players have three opportunities to improve their hand. The maximum number of players for this game is six. Normally it is played … Read More

Chinese Pineapple Progressive

The Open Face Chinese Progressive Pineapple follows most of the same rules as the regular Pineapple OFC, with a few exceptions when players get into … Read More


Razz is seven card stud played for low only, using ace-to-five ranking. In the first betting round the compulsory bring-in bet is made by the … Read More


Badugi is a poker-like game played with four-card hands. To win the pot at the showdown you need to have the lowest set of cards … Read More

Chinese Pineapple 2-7

Pineapple 2-7 is one of the most exciting Open Face Chinese Poker variations. The goal in Pineapple 2-7 is to set strong hands in the … Read More