Chinese Pineapple Progressive

The Open Face Chinese Progressive Pineapple follows most of the same rules as the regular Pineapple OFC, with a few exceptions when players get into Fantasy Land. Unlike in Pineapple OFC where a player is always dealt 14 cards when they’re in Fantasy Land, in Progressive Pineapple, they can get up to 17 cards.

The basic gameplay in Progressive Pineapple doesn’t change – each player is dealt five cards in the first turn and then three more cards in all consecutive turns, using just two in their hand and discarding one card face-down.

The difference between the regular Pineapple OFC and Progressive Pineapple is by how many cards the player receives after getting into Fantasy Land. The amount is determined by the strength of the player’s top hand. The lowest-possible hand to get a player into Fantasy Land, QQ gives them 14 cards, while higher combinations give more.

Here’s the list of hands and the amount of cards the player receives:

QQ = 14 cards
KK = 15 cards
AA = 16 cards
222+ = 17 cards

Should the player stay in Fantasy Land in Progressive Pineapple, they will get 14 cards for their consecutive Fantasy Land hand despite of their top hand combination.