#2 Welcome OnTilt Radio

With pleasure we welcome our new partner OnTilt Radio and the OnTilt Radio community.
But what is OnTilt Radio?

OTR Started in 2007, OnTilt Radio is a full service production company, website and internet radio station that provides poker and gaming related content but is not limited to it. We produce soley and with our partners a variety of shows in all genres and lifestyles. Our uniqueness houses our social media driven website and its marriage our radio station, production efforts and professional relationships all on a solid bed of SEO strategies with proven results. Diversity of content and progressive style is why we stay well above the competition and have a growing and active community with 1000’s of members. OnTilt Radio strives to provide the most innovative, informative and entertaining radio shows around. We aim to bring you live audio and video feeds of our Live Events both online and on the ground. OTR offers our audience ways to do what they love and make it easier for them to do so by creating a hometown feel on a global scale. OnTilt Radio is the #1 ranked, Original Live Poker Radio Social Network on the web, . Features include a forum, chat room, blogs, photos, videos, friends request, live shows, 24 hour radio, 1,000’s of podcasts, music and much more.



The first 100 registered + verified players will recieve 5 chips as a no deposit bonus. You can test the software and start with a small free bankroll. Attention: Please do not forget that you have to earn 100 cashgamepoints before your able to withdrawal these 5 chips.

-> Example  I: If you have a total balance of 100 chips and   10 cashgamepoints (A) – you’re able to withdrawal   95 chips.

-> Example II: If you have a total balance of 100 chips and 100 cashgamepoints (A) – you’re able to withdrawal 100 chips.


So if you appreciate good music and like to listen to podcasts, just have a look at the website of OnTilt Radio.